PLC Logic Prover

Free software to test PLC logic

Quality of PLC program defined by the quantity of tests

What is PLC Logic Prover?

PLC Logic Prover is a PLC logic testing software.

It simulates hardware IOs with implementing a specification-based testing method of PLC logic that examines the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures or workings.

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Simple UI

It is easy to create a test case. The app has a user friendly interface and the test can be built by a non-PLC programmer.

Test your mate's work

When outsourcing PLC development to a graduate or subcontracted engineer create a test project and check their work with confidence.


One PLC Logic Prover project is used for different PLC programs with the same repetitive logic.

To test PLC program it will be needed:

  1. A computer

  2. AB PLC - ControlLogic or CompactLogic

    • with an ethernet card

    • without the IO cards or inhibit the entire IO bus (recommended for more test options)

  3. An Ethernet cable

Read about how it works on PLC Testing page.

What PLCs are supported?

Currently it works with Allen Bradley CompactLogix and ControlLogix Processors with Ethernet Card. We are seeking for feedback and we are planning to support Schneider M340/M580 and Siemens S7 PLCs.

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